Does temporary work apply to you?

Of course, if you want to start working quickly or if you are looking to acquire experience before settling down in a permanent job. Maybe you would just like to work during certain times of the year or you would like to earn some money to finance travel plans. Or maybe you are looking to get back on the job market after a long break. Temporary work is certainly a good way to start anew. 

Nowadays, the use of temporary staff is widespread and temporary workers benefit from excellent legal protection. This type of contract is considered as a legitimate way to be an active part of the job market.

Working with Flex Careers is an excellent way to get to know the job market, to understand or confirm your interests and, above all, to acquire experience. It is a flexible, instructive and challenging work form, which helps many candidates to make the right career choice.

During your meeting at the Rainbow Flex Careers offices, we first discuss your experience, knowledge and skills. You take a number of tests, both (for languages) spoken and written. We listen to your wishes and take into account your ambitions and objectives.

We get to know you in order to help you in the most successful and efficient manner.

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