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Frank Vande Voorde

Managing Director

I launched Rainbow Resources Group with the acquisition of Rainbow Careers (now "Rainbow Admin Careers"), a company with more than 30 years experience on the Belgian market. I subsequently created additional specialised divisions such as "Rainbow HR Careers", "Rainbow Flex Careers" and “Rainbow Coaching”.

I started my career in Auditing and later acquired Advisory and Marketing experience in one of the Big Four. Moving into the recruitment sector, I have accumulated more than 25 years experience as a Consultant, Manager and Managing Director in a number of small and large, national and international, specialised recruitment firms.

After graduating from Solvay Business School, I trained at INSEAD. I am also a certified Business & Executive Coach and certified Mediator.

Passionate about business, specialised in permanent and temporary recruitment in particular, I foster and live by values such as trust and fairness.

I believe in the strength of a smile and that a picture speaks a thousand words.

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Priscilla Becquet


I was born and raised in Belgium by a French-speaking father and a Dutch-speaking mother. I am, therefore, perfectly bilingual in both languages and acquired fluency in English thanks to my education. After obtaining my degree in Office Management, I started my career in the FMCG sector. I always wanted to combine sales with a human approach and long term relationship building in my job. I discovered a real passion for recruitment and, after spending 4 years with a specialised recruitment agency, I wanted to take my experience to the next level.

I joined Rainbow Resources Group in July 2013 to start up our HR division. In 2014 I also helped with the development of Flex Careers and since September 2017 I work in our brand new office in Mechelen. Dynamic, enthusiastic and passionate about my work, I deliver a high quality of service.

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Maaike Janssens

Recruitment Assistant

Helping students to deepen their knowledge to become who they want to be on the work floor.

For 13 years it was my drive to be an enthusiastic teacher, but I knew that it was not something I would do my whole life. I want to evolve and explore new horizons.

Rainbow Resources Group gave me the chance to develop myself in new areas. I am privileged to literally experience the values of this organisation. I can really put them into practice.

As a Recruitment Assistant, I take on the responsibility of the agency in Mechelen.

I welcome candidates, help them through the tests, take care of the office & supplies and help our consultants in their search for suitable candidates.

I truly enjoy the variety of my job. Putting numerous jobs on our website in Dutch, French and English; giving guest lectures at universities; publishing articles online, it is all part of the job.

At Rainbow I want to deliver top service with great care and further develop my skills.

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Matthias Claes

Recruitment Consultant

I was born and raised in Mechelen, an amazing city that still surprises me every day. In my spare time I enjoy long walks or a good movie.

After I graduated at culinary school I started working in different hotels and restaurants. I started as a cook but soon switched to serving tables. Meeting and building a relationship with people was (and still is) very important to me. A transfer to real estate was next. A great sector that gave me the opportunity to learn many new things. A nice mix of social contact and pleasure when helping people. Then I met Rainbow Resources Group.

Rainbow Resources Group is a company with great values that are very important to me. A personal service based on mutual trust and the opportunity for personal input… that is one of the reasons I love my job. Another great aspect of the job is meeting great new candidates and interesting new companies and it feels great to make the perfect match.

The perfect job that makes me happy when leaving for work in the morning.

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Carole Gerday

Recruitment Consultant

Born to deaf parents, Belgian Sign Language is my mother tongue along with French. I am what we call a CODA (Child of Deaf Adults).

My passion for foreign languages and different cultures inspired me to pursue translation studies in English-Chinese, and obtaining a Master's degree in Communications. I've had multiple academic and professional experiences in Belgium, as well as around the world; where I resided one semester in the US, one semester in Spain and three years in China. After a full and intensive training in coaching, I started to reflect on what would be my next professional step.

After assessing and considering all my transferable skills, I started contemplating a career in recruitment, and therefore contacted Rainbow Resources Group. Learning that the organization’s values are aligned with my own values reassured me in my decision to join the team. I am now a happy member of the team, discovering a real passion for my job as a recruitment consultant!

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Laura Burchardt

Payroll Officer

I was born in Belgium but come from a typical English family.

I attended a French-speaking school, but only spoke English at home.

After my studies, I became self-employed.

As a manager, I came to realise that my interest was in HR & Payroll rather than in the business part of the job.

I then took time to improve myself, by expanding my knowledge through different courses and training programmes.

In summer 2016, I started a new chapter in my life with Rainbow Resources Group.

I look forward to building on my skills and developing a career in Human Resources.

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An Degryse

Recruitment Consultant

After obtaining a Master’s degree in Psychology and 15 years of field experience in many different segments, I joined the Rainbow Resources family as a Recruitment Consultant. As a student and in life, I’ve always tried to get the most out of the opportunities I was presented with. I grabbed the opportunity to gain knowledge, experience and skills by working on projects for several organisations. In the political segment, for example, I built a team of up to 20 people, managed a lot of local campaigns and gained a lot of people knowledge and marketing experience.

My decision to join the Rainbow family is mainly driven by the opportunity to develop a new region for Rainbow Resources Group. Furthermore, the core values of Rainbow Resources, such as passion, respect for people and dynamism, are perfectly in line with my personal ambitions.

When I am not at work, I enjoy family time, music, concerts and doing sports, such as running and swimming.

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Molesse Van Vlasselaer

Communication Officer & Recruitment Assistant

It was back in highschool, that I took my first steps in the design and graphical world. Never could I have thought at that moment how big of an impact that would have on my future. Print media (printing) and multimedia (film, photography, lay-out and webdesign) have been key-elements in the rest of my career.

I followed my Bachelor’s in Applied Linguistics at the Antwerp campus of the KU Leuven. I studied Dutch, French and Arabic, languages that I kept on studying during my Master’s in Multilingual Communication. I learnt the principles behind internal, external and intercultural communication. Because I wanted to add to my experience, I spent a lot of time in student jobs and internships: two student jobs in HR, an internship in Marketing and another one in external communication.

I recognise the importance of learning about the world. During my student holidays, I would travel multiple times abroad to follow summer courses: language courses, but also classes about politics, economics and culture interest me. In that light, I have followed a conference at the Ludwig-Maximilian University, about the socio-political and economical challenges in parts of the Middle-East.

In fact, my fields of interest (communication and HR) collide in my function of Communication Officer and Recruitment Assistant at Rainbow Resources Group and I am very keen and highly motivated to contribute to the story of Rainbow in that way.

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