Rainbow Resources Group in top 10 of the Trends Gazellen ranking

Posted by Molesse Van Vlasselaer

Rainbow Resources Group appears in the Trends Gazellen ranking on the 8th place in the category fastest growing small businesses in Brussels.

Year after year, Trends, one of the most well-established belgian redaction agencies in Finance and Economics  tracks and informs on the fastest growing businesses in the country. Those appearing in its selection can call themselves the 'Trends Gazellen'. According to Trends, those companies are both considered to be "sources of energy for the economy" as they are considered "sources of inspiration" for all those in the entrepreneurial world. 

For the 18th edition, Rainbow Resources Group has been nominated and selected to be one of those Gazelles and shines on number 8 of the ranking list in the category 'most fast paced small businesses in the Brussels Region'. The degree to which a company is considered to be fast growing is measured over a period of five years and on the basis of the following variables: growth, personnel and cashflow. 

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Molesse Van Vlasselaer

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It was back in highschool, that I took my first steps in the design and graphical world. Never could I have thought at that moment how big of an impact that would have on my future. Print media (printing) and multimedia (film, photography, lay-out and webdesign) have been key-elements in the rest of my career.

I followed my Bachelor’s in Applied Linguistics at the Antwerp campus of the KU Leuven. I studied Dutch, French and Arabic, languages that I kept on studying during my Master’s in Multilingual Communication. I learnt the principles behind internal, external and intercultural communication. Because I wanted to add to my experience, I spent a lot of time in student jobs and internships: two student jobs in HR, an internship in Marketing and another one in external communication.

I recognise the importance of learning about the world. During my student holidays, I would travel multiple times abroad to follow summer courses: language courses, but also classes about politics, economics and culture interest me. In that light, I have followed a conference at the Ludwig-Maximilian University, about the socio-political and economical challenges in parts of the Middle-East.

In fact, my fields of interest (communication and HR) collide in my function of Communication Officer and Recruitment Assistant at Rainbow Resources Group and I am very keen and highly motivated to contribute to the story of Rainbow in that way.

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