Customer Care Professional NL/FR/EN (m/f)

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Job description

The Customer Care Professional – Customer Identification has a good understanding of the products and services for the specific area he/she works in.

He/she needs to be experienced in a usage of the customer databases and needs to have a global understanding of all product features and benefits.

He/She needs to have a broad understanding of the Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements for payment institutes.

He/She is responsible for:

  • Verifying the correct identity of each customer (corporation, card member, merchant) in line with the regulation around Know Your Customer (KYC).
  • Verify the information provided by customers for correctness, using external sources such as KBO, NBB, and Credit Catalyst.
  • Identify, verify, correct discrepancies between data received from our customers and information found on legal sources (e.g. KBO, NBB, Credit Catalyst, etc ..)
  • Updating our systems with the correct client identification information.
  • Contacting customers to request missing identification information or to validate the information in our systems.
  • Handling in a customer friendly way all questions from customers by phone or e-mail with regards to information requests we have sent them.
  • Handling administrative tasks with regards to the clients’ files that need to be handled.
  • Maintaining good relationships with colleagues from other teams such as sales and other customer service departments.
  • Understanding and following instructions, information and procedures required in order to perform the job.
  • Explaining details of the job to new hires to support training and on boarding process of new colleagues.
  • Perform quality review of work of peers.
  • Respecting confidentiality with regards to all customers’ data.
  • Performing ad hoc tasks : Work with other departments (e.g. Account Management, Customer Service, Compliance, etc …); Account cancellation, block certain of the customer’s products , form classification and archiving, handle incoming e-mails and post, etc …
  • Transfer not-KYC related questions / requests from clients to the appropriate department.

He/She is willing to do repetitive work and performs under the supervision of a team leader.


Your profile

Minimal expertise and competencies     

  • Few or no precedent product knowledge is required, the function can be executed with a minimum level of experience and education and is done instructed and supervised by a manager.
  • Understand and correctly interpret known data within defined procedures.
  • Execute the tasks in a systematic way within a clear task description, with supervision of a team leader.
  • Transfer own knowledge and transfer way of working in a formal and informal way.
  • Answer correctly and in a structured way the most common questions from customers according to set rules and procedures. Able to correctly report on data and incidents.
  • Treat others fair, respect confidentiality and approach others in an honest way.
  • Understand and organize daily priorities independently.
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills with both customers and colleagues.

Education and learning time

  • The function requires knowledge that is at least equivalent to a secundary degree (or equivalent experience) with a 3 to 6 months learning time.


  • Dutch - Experienced (written & oral)
  • French - Experienced (written & oral)
  • English - Experienced (written & oral)


  • MS Office - Experienced
  • Proprietary IT platforms
  • Job specific IT systems

What we offer

You will be offered: 

  • A position with lots of learning opportunities; 
  • An interesting salary package

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