Why working with us is simple

Temporary work is a very flexible instrument in the corporate world.

You could hire temporary employees in the following cases:

·      To replace an absent colleague: parental absence, maternity leave, holidays, illness, a colleague has taken leave to tour around the world, etc.

·      An increased workload due to the launch of a new product or service, special events, implementation of a new ERP system, …

You can also recruit someone on a temporary assignment. This way, you can try someone out for a few months, while maintaining the flexibility to terminate the contract on a weekly basis.

Do you know that you can motivate a whole team simply by adding a temporary colleague to reduce the stress and/or to perform repetitive tasks? This can prevent a burn-out - the illness of our hectic times.

You will only have a few things to do, such as signing the contracts and the time-sheets. We already have a selection of candidates. We interview and test our candidates. The person will be on our payroll and we will take care of: employment contracts, payroll, illness days, leaves of absence. We even take references on the people we propose to you.

We offer a professional, ethical and superior quality service and make it personal.

In the event of a sudden emergency, we can act very quickly. Our fastest response was three hours before the person started.

Call us if you need more information. We will be glad to be of assistance.

Your Rainbow Team

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