The history of Rainbow

Rainbow Careers has a rich history mirroring Brussels’ changing job market and the evolution of the Management Assistant position. 

Created in 1981, we quickly made a name for ourselves and became a unique partner on the recruitment scene. From our beginnings to the present day, we have seen it all – from the days when support staff were called secretaries, when there were no computers or Internet, when candidates were tested on typewriters and candidate files were sent by taxi to clients – to the current, technology-rich context, in which English-speaking “secretaries” have been replaced by a growing need for trilingual Management Assistants, with our weekly advertisements in the expat magazine, The Bulletin, supplanted by the Internet and social media sites. We are constantly adapting to our environment, using all modern tools in our daily activities and keeping an ear to the ground to know the latest trends and changes on the administrative job market. 

Our office has always been a team of different nationalities, ages and backgrounds, nurturing a tightly-knit, family-like atmosphere appreciated by our clients and candidates for its combination of professionalism, cheerful informality and human touch. Our name has always stood for quality and, as our circle of contacts increased, we became a reference on the market, forging long-lasting relationships with clients and meeting friends, colleagues and family members of our candidates (often interviewing different generations of the same family). Over the years, we acquired important local clients in addition to large international companies and, once in a while, an international institution. We saw the rules of recruitment change, adapted to different company cultures and strived to keep an open mind when approached for unusual assignments. The entertaining stories accumulated over the years have become part of our folklore.  

At the beginning of 2013 Rainbow Careers became part of Rainbow Resources Group, a Belgian company offering specialised recruitment services alongside coaching and mediation. We recently rebranded to become Rainbow Admin Careers, underlining our commitment to our focus. Rainbow Admin Career’s slogan “People Who Care” has, today, been adapted to “People With Value”, as we are firm believers in the value of support staff and in our own value when recruiting these vital profiles. 

We subsequently established a new division, Rainbow HR Careers, in order to meet the needs of our clients and of the job market.

At the beginning of 2014, in answer to the market's request for more flexibility, we created our temporary recruitment division: Rainbow Flex Careers.

We also offer coaching services, for which there is a growing need. 

We have no doubt that we have a bright and exciting future over the Rainbow. 


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